Our Services

Executive Coaching


Coaching is a sacred space where the individual explores numerous possibilities and solutions to a specific problem, situation, or a goal under an umbrella of infinite trust. Coach is your personal angel whose sole objective is to make you perform at your best by challenging, stimulating and navigating you towards the positive side of life.

Leadership Training


Successful businesses know that investing in the next generation of leaders is critical to sustaining competitive advantage and achieving corporate growth over the long term.

GEM offers a series of Management Training and bespoke Training to suit specific organizational requirements. 

Business Consulting


Dynamism in Customer preferences and Innovations demands businesses to keep up-to-date with needs to changing the environment and adapting its business strategy to meet the market requirements. 

Let our strategic management consultants help you develop the best strategy for your business. See what our strategic business consulting services can do for you.

PMP Training


In modern times, project management has once again emerged as a core competency for the businesses because projects are the ultimate stepping stone to realize strategic goals.

The Project Management Professional (PMP) Prep course is intended to help the learners to understand and practice project management. 

Industrial Training


We have standard and bespoke training for Manufacturing Units that caters to the needs of employees of different seniority. 

1. Basics of Maintenance & Materials Management ( 2- days program)

2. Environment, Health, and Safety (1-day Program)

3. Industry Orientation for freshers (1-day Program)

Design Thinking


A Design Thinking workshop will spark innovation, foster a user-centric mindset, and get cross-functional teams working together towards a common goal. 

It is a hands-on, activity-based session built around the Design Thinking process. 

From students to Business Heads,  DT is a mandatory ingredient of the success tool-box. 

Finishing School


GEM Finishing School aims to enhance the standard of fresh Engineering/Management graduates to become acceptable to the industry. 

It bridges the gap between Industry and Educational Institutions by reinforcing the students skills and help them acquire industry-specific knowledge from trained faculty and experts from industries. 

Student Leadership


Unique Leadership Residential Program for Undergraduate students aim, 

- To develop a strong connection  with self and with others 

- To develop a sense of serving the society

- Learn tools and techniques to professionally conduct self and manage the tasks 

Third Eye Activation



The third Eye Activation program activates the mid-brain and is a scientific process of stimulating the brain. The process intends to achieve a fine balance between the left brain and right brain, and also increase self-awareness. 

With this children can perform various activities with blindfolded eyes. This program is ideal for children between the ages of 5 and 15.